RaceProNGK.41MissNGKTrailer700 (1)Challenges of Taking it on the Road
Maintaining a face-to-face presence, at dozens of large events, is critical for some any brands and even necessary when introducing new products. But the time investment, travel, event logistics, travel, liability, staffing and other costs associated costs, can be difficult and cost prohibitive.

Race Pro is the Answer
Since 1997, RacePro has worked with leading brands to bridge the gap between what is necessary and what is possible with turn-key event solutions. RacePro Programs now make it possible for clients to reach the American V-Twin audience, NASCAR, Extreme Sport Enthusiasts and more at a fraction of the time and cost.

Turn-Key Event Solutions
Each RacePro Rig is a self-contained warehouse and with tradeshow-like displays on wheels Stocked with marketing, material, products, tools and anything else you need to do business. RacePro Rigs become an office, showroom, service department and warehouse on wheels!

RacePro clients can now bring performance products, new product roll-outs, demos, information, giveaways, service, contests, product testing, installation and more to key events throughout the U.S.

Programs that Make Sense
RacePro currently offers two programs that can be customized. The RacePro ProTour Manufacturer’s Showcase and Client’s-Exclusive Branded Rigs.

Manufacturer’s Showcase
The ProTour Manufacturer’s Showcase is a semi-exclusive program featuring products, in a tradeshow-like display on wheels. This dynamic, cross-promoting platform is a huge draw at events, giving RacePro clients amazing brand exposure. RacePro Manufacturers Showcase is fully staffed and ready for your reps as well.

Exclusive Branded Rigs
Need an even bigger event presence? A RacePro Client-exclusive rig featuring YOUR custom design, graphics, branding, displays, and more is the way to go. Client-Exclusive Branded Rigs are set-up to be your office away from the office, complete with hospitality staff, installation technicians and sales staff – or, we complete all set-up and you just fly to the event and go to work!

RaceProNGK.68RobHassay700For additional information, and for a no-obligation assessment of your event marketing needs – please contact:

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