Client-Exclusive Branded Rigs

Need an even bigger event presence?  A RacePro Client-exclusive rig featuring YOUR custom design, graphics, branding, displays, and more is the way to go. Client-Exclusive Branded Rigs are set-up to be your office away from the office, complete with hospitality staff, installation technicians and sales staff – or, we complete all set-up and you just fly to the event and go to work!

Benefits of Touring with RacePro
• Face-to-face interaction with your customers
• Connect with thousands of motorsports enthusiasts
• Performance product displays, demo’s or installations
• Displays designed to educate, demonstrate and stock
• Major Rallies and Events
• Touring 10 months out of the year!

For additional information, and for a no-obligation assessment of your event marketing needs – please contact:

Rob Hassay
216.533.9692  Cell
330.534.0893  Office
888.722.3776  Toll Free