Redline Oil


In 1979, Red Line Synthetic Oil began creating lubricants for the racing industry. Today, they manufacture more than 100 quality products, including motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and our popular WaterWetter cooling additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial markets.


Using cutting edge technology, Red Line responds to the technical challenges of today’s performance industry. They are enthusiasts that stay on top of each market niche, ensuring product recommendations that result in serious performance gains. They use this knowledge of racing to create high-performance products for track cars and street vehicles. Red Line products perform and protect better than any on the market. No compromises.



RacePro Motorsports sells and distributes Red Line's lineup of Harley-Davidson and V-Twin oils. The always popular 20-50W is one of the best sellers, because your Harley wants better raw materials and more ZDDP than other brands offer. Shockproof® technology to make a big impact against big impacts with the Red Line V-Twin Transmission oil with SHOCKPROOF®. Everyone thinks about the engine and transmission side but don’t forget the clutch and primary chain need love too! Use Red Line V-Twin Primary Case oil.